Rooms with a View – Bucharest, Romania

100_2036Here I am in Romania for a week of meetings. The city looked interesting from what I could tell on the drive in from the airport – bright lights and holiday decorations among the stately and historic buildings. I got a short guided tour from my kind logistics person, Oana. Oana had accompanied a class to the US for training; it’s nice to have continuity of friendship from the delegations who come to the US that we meet again when we travel into the countries where we’ll be working. So, kind Oana arranged for me to stay at the Radisson downtown. I haven’t seen much of it from the outside, but as before, here is the view from the room. Sweet church across the street, and you can look past older buildings to see the sunrise reflected off a shiny new building and construction cranes waiting for work to begin. I just saw someone walking into the church, pulling his winter hat off as he crossed under the arched doorway. Nice thought that this is where a person would start their day.

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