Obama Inauguration: Tickets!

I was in Vienna, Austria, on work during the National Democratic Convention, and again on election night, so I haven’t had a chance to enjoy the celebration of seeing Senator Obama elected President. Phoebe and I planned to come to the Inauguration, but until now, I wasn’t sure it would really happen. We were prepared to come to be among the millions converging on DC for the celebration of democracy. Amazingly, with abundant thanks to Senator Patty Murray and our colleague, David Chassin, we have official tickets to the ceremony.

We came into BWI yesterday, have a place to stay that is not as outrageous as some, and spent most of today picking up our tickets. We were in good company – lots of happy people in line with us. Here are pix of us in line at the Russell Senate Office Building, and the line behind and in front of us.  As we were leaving with credentials in hand, we had a chance to see the crowd still waiting to get into the Dirksen Senate Office Building.

View Picking up tickets for the Inauguration

Waiting in line to clear security was the long part of the process – it took about half an hour. Finding Senator Murray’s office and picking up the tickets took about five minutes. The staffers who were handing out the tickets were laughing about how many inauguration scrap books they would be featured in. Well, and blogs… here they are! And a picture of Phoebe on the elevator in the RSOB – reminds me of the shirts that say, “A woman’s place is in the house… and the Senate!” Certainly Washington State has a fine tradition of outstanding women in the Senate!

View Picking up Inauguration Tickets at Senator Murray's Office

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  1. Love the photos! How was it?? It was amazing to history in the making on TV. It must have been incredible to be there to experience it first hand!

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