I’m Thankful for Friends, Rock Band, and Sabotage…

100_1908OMG! Mary scored 100% on vocals on Sabotage! We played Rock Band at her house for something different this Thanksgiving. It was definitely a little different, but everyone seemed to have fun! Mike was a natural with a lot of showmanship. Kathy did pretty well on guitar, and even better on drums. Michelle was easily the best vocalist, but David brought the most energy to the performance. Left to right is David, Kathy, Mary and Mike – with Glenda cheering the band on from the couch.

Mary aka Wonder Woman shows off100%! Wow... who knew she had it in her?

Mary, Phoebe and I went to Vegas the week after Thanksgiving – Phoebe and I tried to encourage Mary to look into a new career as a rapper. She’s resisting.