Mokrice Castle in Slovenia with Friends

Once we finished our work in  Obrezje, Slovenia my colleagues and I had dinner at the Mokrice Castle. The dinner had been arranged specially for us by our colleague, Mojca. We nearly had the entire castle to ourselves, and we had the close attention of our host. The dinner included a full flight of wines, a several course meal, and a walking tour of the castle – including the wine cellar – before we came back and finished. The pictures are from our friend, Nina, who had the good sense to bring her camera – unlike me! Erin, Gary and Nina will be among a group traveling to Washington state in April for our project. I am challenged now to plan an evening as memorable as this one was!

International Travel: Stamps in My Passport

Stamps_in_a_passportPart of the work that took me to Vienna in November 2008 included a road trip with some of my colleagues to Obrezje, Slovenia. Obrezje is on the border between Slovenia and Croatia, and in less than a day, we made several trips across the border crossings between the two countries. This is where I learned something that will likely make my European friends laugh: when you cross at a land border, the stamp has a little car on it!  See Obrezje, on top on the left? Hey, I live in a big country, and I’m pretty sure the only way I’ve crossed its borders has been by airplane – see stamp in lower right. I have lots of little airplanes in my passport, not so many little cars! Of course, as much as I enjoy traveling to these amazing places, my favorite stamp is that oval one in the upper right hand corner!