Radisson SAS Bucharest, Romania: Beautiful Hotel

What a lovely surprise when you wake up in a hotel after checking in late the day before to discover you are surrounded by beautiful architecture and interesting art and sculpture. Here are a few pix. One is looking up through the atrium where there is a hanging sculpture. One is looking down the atrium from the sixth floor to the lounge; another looks across the atrium to the floors below – I liked the pattern. The last one shows use of lights in the panels on each  floor.

View Radisson SAS Hotel Bucharest Romania

What I don’t have pictures of (yet!) are the steaming outdoor pools (the temperature here is about freezing give or take a few degrees) or the floor in the bar which has jets of water shooting out across under the surface, with the bar constructed of material that makes it look like it’s made of ice.  Really, it was quite a lovely surprise to come down for breakfast and see some of these details that I  had not taken in when I first arrived.

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